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Used Amada Information Page

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Machinery Resources International has over 70 years combined experience in the machine tool resale business. Being one of the largest resellers in the world, we feel it is important to educate our customers with brief background history and a list of models to help our customers make an informed purchasing decision.

Amada America, Inc. was established in Seattle, Washington in 1971 and has been located in California since 1973. Since its inception, Amada America has provided American industry with a steady stream of innovative, productivity enhancing sheet metal machines.

For over 60-years, Amada has provided the fabrication industry with machine tools that set the standard for both performance and reliability. With a wide range of CNC fabricating machinery, Amada is an industry leader in: punching, forming and laser cutting.

Below is a guide of the different models that Amada has introduced throughout the years.

Turret Punch Press

  • Amada AE-NT Series — Servo Drive Turret Punch Press
  • Amada AE255/2510NT
  • Amada EM K3610NT
  • Amada EM2510NT CNC
  • Amada Vipros 358 King-II
  • Amada Vipros 358 King
  • Amada Pega 357
  • Amada Vipros 357 Queen
  • Amada Vipros 357
  • Amada Pega 345
  • Amada Pega 345 Queen
  • Amada Pega 344
  • Amada Vipros 255
  • Amada Aries

CNC Lasers

  • Amada FOL-AJ Fiber Laser
  • Amada FOL3015AJ
  • Amada FOM2 NT
  • Amada FO305M2 NT
  • Amada FOM2RI 3015
  • Amada Pulsar LC1212
  • Amada Pulsar LC2415
  • Amada Gemini FO3015
  • Amada EZ Cut
  • Amada Quattro
  • Amada Pulsar 2415NT
  • Amada Pulsar 1212NT
  • Amada Pulsar NT Series
  • Amada FO NT Flying Optic
  • Amada LC-F1 NT Series
  • Amada LC-3015F1NT
  • Amada LC-4020F1NT
  • Amada FO 4020NT
  • Amada LC-F1NT Series

Amada  Punch/Laser Combo

  • Amada EML NT Punch/Laser Combination
  • Amada EML K3610NT
  • Amada LC-C1 NT Punch/Laser Combination
  • Amada LC-2012C1NT

Turret and Laser Automation

  • Amada MP Single Shelf Loader
  • Amada MP 1225
  • Amada MP 1530
  • Amada MP1225NJ
  • Amada MP 1530NJ
  • Amada ASR-M Automated Material Load/Unload System
  • Amada ASR-M 6510
  • Amada AS Material Load/Unload System
  • Amada AS 6510
  • Amada UL Material Unload/Stacker
  • Amada UL 510
  • Amada PRUL Automated Material Unload System
  • Amada PRUL 300 III
  • Amada Laser Automation
  • Amada AMS 3015 Laser Automation

Bending Automation

  • Amada Astro 1253
  • Amada Astro 8025
  • Amada Astro 165 W NT
  • Amada Astro 100NT
  • Amada Panel Bender
  • Amada TBZ 2523H


  • Amada M-3060
  • Amada M-3065
  • Amada M-4065

General Fabrication

  • Amada ID404ST Spot Welder
  • Amada TOGU Tool Grinder

Corner Shears

  • Amada CSHW-220
  • Amada CSHW-250

Press Brakes

  • Down Acting
  • Up Acting
  • Amada RG35
  • Amada RG50
  • Amada RG80
  • Amada RG100
  • Amada RG125
  • Amada FBD5012
  • Amada FBD5020
  • Amada FBD8025
  • Amada FBD1253
  • Amada FBD5012 NT
  • Amada FBD5020 NT
  • Amada FBD8025 NT
  • Amada FBD1253 NT
  • Amada NT
  • Amada FBD1003
  • Amada FBD2204
  • Amada HFB1003
  • Amada HFB1253
  • Amada HFB1704
  • Amada HFB8025
  • Amada HFB2204
  • Amada HFE8025
  • Amada HFE1003
  • Amada HFE1253
  • Amada HFE1704
  • Amada HFE2204
  • Amada HD 5020 NT
  • Amada HD 8025 NT
  • Amada HD 1703 NT
  • Amada HD 1303 NT
  • Amada HD 1303L NT
  • Amada HD 1703L NT
  • Amada HDS  1303 NT
  • Amada HDS 1703 NT
  • Amada HDS 2004 NT
  • Amada HDS 5020 NT
  • Amada HDS 8025 NT
  • Amada HD 3503 NT
  • Amada HD 3504 NT
  • Amada HD 5005 NT
  • Amada HD 5006 NT
  • Amada HD 6006 NT
  • Amada HD 6007 NT

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